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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Plank Update

When i first made this board, i had a load of nay sayers contact me saying things like it will have too much drag or it wont turn!!

dont knock things till you try them!!

the owner of the surf shop Jules has been saying since i dropped it off that he isnt going to sell it he will keep it himself.

got this from him today

Monkey's Rock Surf Shop 13 September at 22:23
Hey man how did the comp go??
i got jealous of ye and took out your longboard from the shop
jeez man.........jeez
my surfin has improved like 10 years worth in 2 sessions...
jeez i love the bottom curves fuck
you can feel it workin from way out


  1. I like it. Looks like it'll work good.


  2. thanks dennis
    seems to be working good, gotta get a couple done for people to try out now.