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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Congratulations Andy Kilfeather!!!

Andy Kilfeather today Won the sligo open longboard comp and won the Irish Longboard Title 2012 in his first year doing the full longboard tour his three counted events were 2 wins and a 3rd !!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i'm now making boards for Zeph!!!

I recently got it sorted with zeph carrigg of boarddesign to make his boards here in ireland! here is the first one all done 9'3"- 24"- 3" IsIs (fishtail)

ratty's board

6'4" -22" - 2 7/8 double blue tint, gloss and panelled polish

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sorry for not posting for a while!!!

As a way to say sorry enjoy Glide Surfboards first video!!!

thanks to Andy Kilfeather and Yuji !!!

also check out my facebook page for up to date images


Monday, March 12, 2012


Portrush contest went well for the team!!

Andy got 3rd in the open
3rd in the longboard
and 2nd in tray riding lol

and also Iain Gilmore got into the semis in the longboard, but was unable to make his heat :o(

heres a few pics


Andy, if i run and keep my head down theres no way andy hill will catch me on camera

open pics


all pics thanks to Andy Hill

Friday, March 9, 2012

Andy K's "One To Rule Them All"

When you have a top surfer tell you that you have made surfing more fun for him you get pretty chuffed!!
There was a bit of debate about this board when i started to sponsor Andy, as he wasn't really interested in it, but i talked him into trying one.

now Andy has ridden over 300 waves on it in three weeks and says he will never look at another board again!
also did i say that im using a new material and after these 300 waves he hasnt damaged the deck at all!! and its glassed 4+4oz deck!

the board is 5'3 - 19 3/4 - 2 3/8

theres a few quick phone pics at the bottom
video and proper shots to follow soon!!

V-Pin for Tim

Tim wanted a mid length to fit in the car
so we went with an 8'3 he wanted something nice and fast so i went with a speedy V-Pin

Rattler for Craig

Craig wanted a progressive longboard he said white with some line drawings
so i contacted my good friend olivier Longuet who let me use some of his sheep mentality comic stips on the board check out http://sheepmentality.blogspot.com/
thanks ollie!!

board is 8'10 - 22- 2 5/8

teamrider andy k's Summat

here' Andy's Summat
had to change it down a bit as ndys only a wee slip of a thing :o)
9'0 - 23 3/4 - 2 7/8

all in the lam

Thursday, March 8, 2012


not the usual Rattler this one has tints and is glassed heavier
and is a real shiny fu@@er!!

Summat Smaller

This is a new Model for 2012
"Summat Smaller"#
this one is 6'4" and built the same way as the original Summat, but just packed into a smaller package
ideal for travelling!!

so the rats moaning

getting some people who aren't on facebook moaning about the lack of pictures!! lol

right here s a few
6'6 Speed Dialler