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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


a fun one from a while ago never try this with one pair of hands!! :o)

something batty

nice little 5'10 bat tailed quad i did with top and bottom yellow tints, and resin pinlines.

I had this back for repair a few months ago one of the airlines had done a nice job on it :o(

Saturday, April 18, 2009

a few nice logs from rough shape to new homes!!

double wing quad

5'10 double wing quad

blank shipment

i had a blank shipment in from xtra there a while back 300 were meant to come, got 480!! :o)

it was mad for a while, but eventually got them all in!!

foam swirls are fun

some people dont like tints

i love the tints i did on this board, but it seems they are a bit too out there for some people! :o)

a few oldies i like before the new

the customer wanted out there on the tints, inspired by a dano

to start, i think a poem is adequate

"build the rack
make the template
get the blank
sharpen the saw
cut it out
do the hokey pokey
shake off the dust
turn yourself about
glass the mother plucker
sand it and gloss it or not
and then the debased minds
incapable of forsight
will in turn elevate you beyond your real station
with labels like gypsy and guru and star
when all you are is a kid that surfs
that makes boards better and worse
one after another one after another one after another
until the day all has gotten so confused
that perhaps the dream to get off the carousel of confusion
is stifling the chance to surf a good day with your friends"
(Ambrose m Curry)