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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the Plank

some info about the new longboard.

super flat deck rocker with a more classic weight foam
Full length concave with super tail kick

heres a pic of where im at with it
only phone pics at the moment was a bit too windy here today to leave the board alone!
hotcoats on and box in tommorrow morning then into the sanding room!
i have 4 boards going to a new surfshop in wexford (fethard on sea) that opens on friday.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Secrets Out, New For 2010

Had this going round in my head for a while now and not had the chance to shape it.

9'2" Noserider
Full board concave
very little nose rocker
lots of tail rocker and a sharp kick in last 2"
pinched rails

also been working on a new fish as ive been doing a good few wide fishes since Rich was here.
So streamlined it a good bit

team riders

welcoming Fergus Halpin to the glide squad!!

heres two board for fergus
9'6" noserider
9'0 perfomance

Two for Ciaran

Ciaran ordered two boards from me a few weeks ago finally got on to glass them.

ciaran was after a 10ft wingnut style piggy board 22" wide only stipulation on colour was gotta have some red in it.
red bottom tint, yellow tinted inlay, resin panels, pins and gloss

Shorter Board

He also wanted something smaller to get him off the longboards and maybe use for travelling
came up with a desert island type board 7'9"
cream tinted bottom, intricate swirl inlay, pins and gloss

on to March

did a good few other boards in feb, but the were just plain so they dont get on here.

heres another funky little 5'9" 5 finner

since collection it has been down to france and spain
heres a quick report from the owner.

hey paul,

went really well - had a little trouble getting into the larger stuff, more me than the board though! Rode it in 1ft peelers to good head high stuff and worked really really well. Still pretty loose with quad in, but think I prefer it tri...need more time on it.

love it! managed to ding it though :-( indent on the top left near the rail..but thats life!

added some racks to the shed

added some over glassing racks to the shed frees up a bit of space got the idea from a pic i saw of Tylers shop.

tinted fishy

nice green tinted 6'8" fish from feb

been a while

sorry for the lack of pics, been lazy on the computer front :o)
lets try and bring it up to date.

this is a big fish i did for a rugby player back in feb.

it is a spray of alloy wheel silver but with resin on it it looks green?